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Used cooking oil collection

Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary / Unsplash

🛢️ How to collect the oil?

  1. Cooling
    After cooking, let the oil cool down.
  2. Filtering
    Make sure the oil is free of impurities or food residues, otherwise, it should be strained through a coffee filter or clean textile material you no longer use. Avoid mixing the oil with water as it can spoil its properties and make it non-recyclable.
  3. Storing
    Pour the oil into a tightly-sealed metal, plastic, or glass container.
  4. Disposal
    Once the container is filled, take it to one of the collection points below.

♻️ Where to dispose the oil?

Locations that collect used cooking oil
Carrefour Market Bulevardul Liviu Rebreanu 160, Timișoara
Mol Timișoara 1 Bulevardul Liviu Rebreanu 153, Timișoara
Mol Timișoara 2 Bulevardul Republicii 12A, Timișoara
Mol Timișoara 3 Strada Miresei 1, Timișoara
Mol Timișoara 4 Bulevardul Liviu Rebreanu 1, Timișoara
Mol Timișoara 5 Bulevardul Liviu Rebreanu 14, Timișoara
OilRight Splaiul Peneș Curcanul 4 – 5, Timișoara
Rompetrol Bulevardul Doctor Iosif Bulbuca, Timișoara